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Gentle Yoga

Mondays 9:30am

Wednesdays 9:30am 

Fridays 9:30am

Sundays 9:00am

A slower flowing practice to give all levels of practitioners the ability to find proper alignment in their bodies. This class is great for those who are new to yoga.

All Level Flow (Vinyasa)

Mondays 6:30pm

Tuesdays 5:15pm

A well balanced flow that will engage your entire body.  Offering up several variations of the poses as well as guidance with props, our teachers make this class accessible to everyone.   

Intermediate Flow

Saturdays 9:00am


Our intermediate class is for students that understand the relationship between breath and movement, have a solid understanding of the basic yoga postures, and have begun to explore a wider variety of poses and styles including arm balances and inversions. This well balanced practice allows space to explore your edges and find your center.

Sunrise Flow

Gulf Beach: Seasonal

Wake up your body and your mind with sunrise yoga. This is an energizing flow, suitable for all levels. We will explore playful sequences beginning, quite appropriately, with one or multiple variations of sun salutations. You will leave class feeling rejuvenated and ready to face whatever the day brings your way.

Warm/ Hot Yoga

Wednesdays 7:00pm

Our warm/hot yoga are vigorous yoga practices for those with prior yoga experience.  Our studio is heated between 80 and 95 degrees, so proper hydration throughout the day is a must! This a great experience for those looking to sweat out some stress and some toxins.  In these classes, we often play with fun arm balances and other unique poses.  

*18 years of age is a requirement for this class.

* Hot Yoga is not recommended if you are pregnant.

Hatha Yoga

Thursdays 5:15pm

*Every Other Sunday 10:30am

*(Hatha Flow)


Hatha translates from Sanskrit to mean "sun and moon". It is considered the umbrella to many styles of yoga including vinyasa. Hatha is often practiced at a slower pace than flow classes, focussing on the the proper alignment of the asana (pose).

Lunch Express Yoga




Need a mental and physical break from work? Or, are you looking for a little reset in the middle of your day? Come join us for our lunch express yoga. You will be guided through a well rounded, medium paced practice to recharge your body and mind for the rest of your day.

Toddler Time

Fridays 10:45am



This class is designed for grownups and their little ones. Take some time to bond with your child as you both do something good for yourselves. This class will be fun and playful, incorporating music, stories and play. Recommended age is walking-3 years. 

Prenatal Yoga


In prenatal yoga, we will focus on poses and breathing techniques that are specifically catered to the incredible and beautiful pregnant body.  You will learn poses and gentle sequences that can ease some of the common pregnancy discomforts as well as help to prepare your body and mind for labor and delivery

Children's Yoga & Mindfulness

Mondays 4:30pm (ages 7-10)

Mondays- 5:30pm (ages 4-6)

Through yoga and mindfulness, kids will be taught tools that will assist them in self regulation and focussing.  By using he breath, the body, and the mind, children will become more confident in understanding what and how they are feeling and how to navigate through challenging moments in their life.

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