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"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be."

Lao Tzu

September 2nd

5:30pm @ Women's Wellness 

Donation Based Yoga for Recovery

just be & Women's Wellness are teaming up to offer monthly donation based yoga classes for people dealing with addiction. These classes are open to everyone and will alternate locations between jb & ww every month.

June 12, July 15, Aug 12, @ 7pm 

Sept. 11 @ 6pm

Full Moon Beach Practice w/ Kimmarie

The full moon symbolizes the end of a chapter and the release of things that are no longer serving us. The moon's alignment to the earth allows us to release and cleanse old patterns and habits to reset our course or vision for what we want to manifest in our lives. Assisted by the energy of the full moon, together we will flow through a moon salutation/ Chandra Namaskar yoga practice.

September 18th

10:15 am

Sound For the Soul: Sound Healing at Gulf Beach

Close out the summer and welcome the fall with a Sound For the Soul, Sound Bath with Kelly Nicholson. Rest Comfortably and nestle into the earth as Kelly creates a symphony for the senses, blending soul inspired vocalizations with her band of vibrational instruments. 

September 19th- October 24th


Kids Yoga Series (Ages 5-9)

Sign your kids up for our first kids series of the school year. Over 6 weeks, we will explore ways to use yoga and mindfulness to navigate through life's challenging moments (the big ones and the small ones).