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Re-opening Guidelines & Policies for just be Yoga & Wellness


*Our studio will officially re-open July 1, 2020. At this time all packages/memberships will be re-activated unless we hear from you. If you choose to keep your membership on hold, you will be given a one month extension.


*We will be offering classes in the studio with an 8 student limit, along with outdoor classes and virtual classes.


*3 additional waivers have been attached to everyone’s account. One is regarding COVID-19, the second is regarding our cancellation policyl and the last is and regarding virtual classes.  Please sign all 3 before registering for class.


*Everyone will be required to pre-register for class through the Zen Planner App (If you have a package/membership with us are unsure how to access your password, please email us and we will re-send the info). This includes online and outside classes. This is also where memberships, packages, and drop-ins will be purchased. We are trying to make our process as contact-less as possible.


*You will be allowed to pre-register up to 2 weeks in advance for classes.  


*If you are unable to attend a class that you have registered for, you must cancel 6 hours in advance to open the spot for someone on our waitlist. If you fail to do so, you will lose the credit on your class package. If you have a monthly membership, you will be charged a fee of $15.


*Class packages and monthly memberships will allow you access to any platform of class: in studio, outside, and virtual. 


*We now offer a new monthly unlimited virtual membership for those who are not ready to practice in public. All of our virtual classes will be offered live through zoom. You can also purchase a drop-in for any of our virtual classes.



Practicing in the studio:


*If you are feeling unwell, coughing, and/or have a fever, please don’t come to class. 


*If there is a class before yours, you will be allowed into the building once the previous class has exited.


*Masks are required by the state to be worn at all times.


*When you enter, please use the automatic hand sanitizer on the left side of the door.


*The instructor will use a digital thermometer to take your temperature. Anyone with a temperature above 100 will not be permitted into class.


*There will be an area with 8 spots spread out in the back of the lobby where you can leave your shoes and any belongings. Please limit the amount of items that you bring into the studio.


*Once you enter the studio, place your mat with the front corners lining up with the tape marks on the floor. You may choose to remove your mask once you are on your mat.


*You must bring your own mat and any props that you choose to use for your practice. Please clean your mats and props before you arrive (Mats & Props are available for sale).




In studio changes on our end:


*All teachers will have their temperature taken before class and will not be permitted to teach with a temperature over 100.

*Teachers will wear masks until they are on their mat.

*Students will be spaced 12 feet apart. The floor has been marked off so students know where to place their mat to ensure proper distance. The new spacing allows for 8 mats in our studio.

*There will be no hands on adjustments made and the teacher will remain on their mat throughout class. 

*All classes will be 60 min., with the exception of barre-less barre, which will be 45 min.


*There will be at least 30 minutes between each class to allow time for cleaning and setting up for the next group.


*All surfaces, light switches, and door handles will be wiped down between classes and the floor will be cleaned after every class and disinfected daily.


*Bathrooms will be cleaned and disinfected daily.


*The doors at the front of the studio and in the back near the bathroom will be open to increase air circulation.  

*No hot classes will be offered.



Practicing Outside:


*Outside classes are weather permitting. You will be informed if a class is cancelled due to weather. You will be credited for the class if it is cancelled due to weather.


*Masks are not required.


*We have plenty of space. Please be considerate and spread out. Consider leaving more space between mats than you feel is necessary.  


*Stay hydrated and wear sunscreen.



Practicing Virtually:


*Many of our studio classes will be streamed through Zoom. You will need to pre-register for our online classes, the same way you would sign up for in studio or outside classes.

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